Sunday, June 30, 2013

Treasury Thanks 2

The past month we made quite some improvements! Two of our own treasuries got featured on the US frontpage and we had our first purchases. Moreover, one of our items appeared in an Etsy newsletter and 18 treasuries were created featuring one of our items. For these features, we would like to thank the curators of those treasuries by featuring on of their items in return.

We start off with Bartek, who used our cute little crochet pig earrings in his treasury. Bartek sells mainly bow ties in his shop BartekDesign. This checkered one is definitely our favorite. It is cheerful and serious at the same time!

InĂªs, who featured our raspberry caramel new born baby hat, owns an Etsy shop called Thelittlecreatures. In this shop she sells handmade jewelry made of polymer clay. We especially like this oystercather brooch (and her gift wrapping is also very nice:)).

Our sunrise baby sleeping bag was featured two (!) times by Manos in very vibrant treasuries. Manos himself sells beautiful ceramics in his shop madebymanos. One of our favorites is this set of three fine bone China bowls which looks very chic. What a perfect wedding gift!

Elodie featured our Eva mobile in her treasury Abonnment June. In her shop TeaHeritage she sells cute tea bags of which this tea-riffic heart shaped tea bag is just an example. Now that's our cup of tea!

Patrycja, who featured our crochet pig earrings, has an Etsy shop called Patiak. In this shop, Patrycja sells arty handmade notebooks. Since we really are polkadot lovers, this cheerful notebook is one of our favorites.

Our Eva Mobile was featured by Yael. She makes very nice art prints in all kinds of cheerful and bright colors and sells them in her shop called TheJoyofColor. This summery print below gives us the real holiday mood. If only these would actually exist...

Netta featured our Sailor baby hat. To thank her for this feature, we show off her 4 ways canvas bag here. She sells this bag, and of course a lot of other pretty bags, in her nevabag shop, which is definitely worth a visit.

Nada, who featured our combined Eva Marie Mobile, has a shop on Etsy called Nadascorner. She sells a lot of ceramic home decoration items, of which we will feature her ceramic bowl here. We love the light, gradient colors.

Our blue clouds baby bath cape was featured by Sarmite who sells knitted and crocheted items in her shop called SasadHandcraft. We think this quirky baby hat is absolutely adorable. Perfect to keep your baby's head warm and cute!

Last but not least is Yann. He featured our Eva Mobile in a vibrant and colorful Treasury. Yann's own shop is called PhotographyDream and is full of poetic photography. The color of Greece is a beautiful picture that really pops. Check it out!


  1. Thank you so much for the Featuring my prints.
    among this wonderful etsy sellers,
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  2. Your work is lovely and it a truly great to share it with others through treasuries.
    Thank you also for the feature!